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It had been 12 years since Ash started his Pokemon journey.  He was now a young man of twenty-two, and now possessed a full goatee and mustache, as well as over a foot in new height.  He was going to check up on someone he hadn't seen in a while, Misty, the gym leader of Cerulean City who had been his partner on his earliest adventures.  He was in Cerulean City with his first Pokemon, which was also his best friend, his loyal Pikachu.  Ash had caught many Pokemon since then, but Pikachu was his most loyal and the one he loved the most.  Pikachu always liked Misty, he never warmed up to May, Dawn, Iris, Rose, Susan, Alexandra, Teresa or Penny like he had Misty.  Ash knocked on the door of the gym, awaiting Misty's response.  Daisy, Misty's sister, opened the door.
"Well, who is this handsome hunk of man?" asked Daisy.
"Ash Ketchum." Said Ash, smiling slightly at the compliment.
"Ash?  It's been so long." Said Daisy.  "Come on in, I bet you're here to see Misty."  Daisy walked off.  Ash was too polite to mention it, but she had gained weight, her belly pulled her swimsuit taught and her butt was visible as the swimsuit became a thong.
"She probably doesn't know." Thought Ash.  Lily and Violet sat on a couch, playing Kirby's Return to Dreamland together.  Like Daisy, they now had guts, Violet's looking larger than a full-term pregnant woman's, while Lily's was the size of Daisy's.  Lily's breasts had also expanded, her sports bra visible in her swimsuit.  Ash remained polite, though, and said nothing.  "Hello, ladies." He said.  "Where's my old friend, Misty?"
"Patience." Chortled Violet.  "I'll go get her."  She stood up, waddling to back room.  Ash silently hoped Misty hadn't gained weight since he last saw her.  Violet returned, bringing a beautiful redhead with her.  Misty had increased in height, and had beautiful, softball-sized breasts and had let her hair down, it reached to the small of her back, curling the whole way.
"Hello, Ash." Said Misty.
"Hello, Misty." Said Ash.  "It's been awhile."
"Yes, but time's been good to you." Replied Misty.
"You too." Stated Ash.  He grasped Misty's hand and the two left.  The other sisters smiled to each other.
"Did you see the looks on their faces?!" asked Lily.
"Our little sister could be married before we are!" smiled Violet.  Daisy giggled, excited at the prospect of a wedding.  Ash and Misty walked to the dock.
"So, I have over 500 different Pokemon now." Said Ash.  "Beat Gary in the race a few years back."
"You guys still rivals?" asked Misty.
"It's been too long since I've seen him." Said Ash.  "I beat him last time and he went to train with the Elite Four.  Haven't seen him in four years."
"Wow." Said Misty.  "Have you seen Brock lately?"
"He's still working at the Pewter City gym." Said Ash.  "I've not seen him in a while, it's been about five years since I last saw him.  How about the other gym leaders?  I hear you visit them from time to time."
"Well, Lt. Surge is still training his Raichu, hoping it'll get faster." Said Misty.  "Erika and Sabrina got transformed into part-Gardevoir and part-Mewtwo, so they spend most of their time together.  Koga became part of the Elite Four, so Aya's running the gym now, really handling it like a ninja.  Blaine won't stop his riddles, a ground trainer named Randall is now running the Veridian City gym, as for Johto…I only keep in touch with Jasmine, Whitney and Claire, and they're all fine, Claire's gotten a bit of an ego lately, though, thinking she's the best gym leader."
"Sounds like everything's going fine, but I wonder about Erika and Sabrina, are they handling the change okay?" asked Ash.
"They're handling it fine, after their Pokemon get defeated, they challenge the trainer's Pokemon themselves." Said Misty.  "Sometimes, I wonder what it'd be like to be a Pokemon or part-Pokemon."
"It's not that fun." Said Ash, remembering the time he was turned into a Pikachu.  "But if you did, what Pokemon would you want to get turned into?"
"A Vaporeon, swimming through the sea on my mermaid tail and dog-paddling." Sighed Misty, thinking about it.
"Good choice." Said Ash.  The two left the dock, entering a local candy factory.  Misty smiled.
"Ash, you're still a kid at heart, aren't you?" asked Misty.
"Catching Pokemon isn't something you grow out of." Said Ash.  "So I guess my mind never grew up.  But, I'm ready for an adult relationship."
"What about May, Dawn, Iris and all those others?" asked Misty.  She was clearly still sore Ash ignored her in favor of new partners on a consistent basis.
"They were nice, they've been doing well." Said Ash.  "But they've all got boyfriends, except May and Dawn fell for each other.  That's why I came back, to start a real relationship with you."  He hugged Misty, who smiled.
"Thank you." Said Misty.  They looked at the various candies, Misty spying a green one amongst the rows of sweets.  "Would it be all right if I bought that one?" asked Misty.
"You're a grown woman, you don't need to ask permission." Said Ash.  Misty picked up the green candy and went to the cashier.
"Miss, are you sure you want this?" asked the cashier.
"Yes, I'm positive." Said Misty.
"I don't believe it is for sale, it's got a flaw in it." Said the cashier.
"Look, I desire this green one, so I'm going to buy it!" said Misty.
"Fine." Sighed the cashier.  The cashier charged Misty $1.99 for the candy, Misty popping it in her mouth as soon as the transaction was made.
"Thank you." Said Misty.  She sashayed out the door, Ash following.  Misty chewed the candy.  "Mmm, flavor-changing gum!" she smiled.
"What flavor is it?" asked Ash.
"Tastes like…Lime, Watermelon, orange and blueberry all mixed together." She said.  Misty then began feeling odd.  "There seems to be more than the usual amount of juice." She muttered.  "I feel bloated."  She felt her stomach bloat out, looking like that of a woman nine months pregnant!  Her belly then turned blue, while her head turned orange and her arms turned green with lighter green lines!  She couldn't see it, but the green spread to her breasts, butt and legs!  She then felt more bloating all around.  "I shouldn't have bought that." Groaned Misty.  Her cheeks puffed out, her lips plumping up with orange juice!  Her butt expanded, ripping her shorts off, revealing panties with a Staryu on them!  Her butt expanded further, flowing into her stomach, causing them to become one big ball four feet in diameter!  Her breasts expanded, ripping her shirt off, each growing to five feet in diameter, looking like watermelons!  Her torso expanded more, swallowing her limbs!  Soon, she was ten feet in diameter!  However, she didn't stop, her breasts swelling to ten feet in diameter as she became twenty feet in diameter overall!  "I'm a big, juicy fruit!" she gasped.  "Now I've lost any chance of having a boyfriend!"
"No." said Ash.  "I'm not throwing away my first relationship over something as stupid as this."  He climbed Misty, kissing her.  "You're actually very pretty, all multi-colored like that." Said Ash, rubbing Misty's face.  Misty smiled.
"Thank you." She said.  They kissed, then Ash began rolling Misty.  He grew tired of this quickly, she was more heavy than a Snorlax.  He thought of Jirachi, the wish-granter.
"If I had a wish right now, I'd wish for the muscle to move and carry Misty with ease!" he groaned.  At that time, Jirachi happened to be nearby, and blasted the panting Ash with energy!  Ash began feeling odd, his shirt getting tight as his muscles expanded!  His pecs expanded to ten feet across while his arms bulked up to four feet in width!  His hair also grew for some reason, spilling like a waterfall down his back!  "Wow." He said.  Misty looked at Ash.
"Whoa, Ash, what happened?" she asked.
"I made a wish and grew very muscular!" said Ash.  He picked up Misty effortlessly, carrying her back to the gym.  "You know, this is fun." He said.  "I like it."
"You know, with you like this, I feel some confidence as well." Smiled Misty.  "I think I'm going to like being a berry."  They returned to the gym, Misty's sisters heading outside.
"Wow, Misty, what happened?" asked Violet.
"Strange gum and wishes coming true." Smiled Misty.
"Are you going to run the gym still?" asked Lily.
"You guys ran it just fine without me, I'm staying with Ash for keeps this time, hopefully, this love we're feeling will blossom further." Said Misty.  Ash and Misty smiled together, Ash then taking Misty to the beach.  They sat together, basking in the sun.  "It's always so nice in the beach." Said Misty.  "Wonder if I float or sink?"
"Let's find out." Said Ash.  He placed her in the water, where the she floated briefly, then sinking  as much as a normal human does while treading water.  Ash entered the sea and pulled Misty out, Misty smiling.
"Now that there's so much more of me, I can feel so much more water." Smiled Misty.  "It's like being wrapped in soft, comfortable sheets of wetness."
"Cool." Said Ash.  At that moment, who should arrive but Jesse and James!  They were still muscular and still working as muscle models, they didn't look like they had aged at all.
"Twerp?" asked Jesse in confusion.
"Hey, Jesse, James." Said Ash.  "Been a while."
"He's as big as me!" gasped James.  "All right, twerp, how about we test each other's strength?"
"How so?" asked Ash.  "I mainly know only about battling.  And that's only with Pokemon."
"First, let's see which of us can impress more people here by flexing, then, let's start lifting more and more stuff until someone can't lift an item."
"Okay." Said Ash, somewhat confused by the contest.
"Beachgoers, muscle contest!" yelled James.  Everyone in ear shot ran to the area, seeing James and Ash flex.  Their veins pulsed, their cords of muscle rippled and they especially impressed Misty and Jesse.  They continued posing to many loud cheers.
"Sounds like a draw to me." Said Misty.
"I guess so, but James will definitely out-lift Ash." Said Jesse.  James lifted a two-ton weight like it was a sheet of paper, then Ash lifted a four-ton weight!  The two went to the mountains, spying huge boulders.  James lifted a ten-ton boulder, then Ash lifted a twenty-ton one!  James growled and lifted a fifty-ton section of rock, while Ash lifted a seventy-five ton section of rock!  James growled and lifted a 100-ton rock and Ash together, straining as he did so!
"Your turn." Said James.  Ash grunted and tried the same, but heard his vertebrae pop, his back unable to carry such a burden.  "I guess I win." Said James.
"I guess you do." Sighed Ash.  They returned to the beach, James beaming.
"Knew you could do it." Smiled Jesse.  Misty stared at Ash.
"You okay, honey?" asked Misty.
"Just upset I lost." Said Ash.  "I felt I could've done it."
"You're new at the muscle game, relax." Said Misty.  "You'll get him next time."
"I don't know about that, but you outpaced me for a while." Said James.  He shook Ash's hand.  "Keep training and you may beat me."
"That'd be nice." Said Ash.  Jesse and James left, getting many photographs taken of them.
"So, what do you want to do now?" asked Misty.
"I don't know, maybe we could check on May and Dawn?" asked Ash.
"I'd rather not." Said Misty.  "I kind of want to go back to the gym, have us just soak in the pool."  Ash smiled.
"Sounds good." He said.  He took Misty back to the gym.  "How do we get inside?" he asked.
"Make an entrance." Smiled Misty.  Ash ripped a wall open and brought Misty to the pool, setting her in it.  He then entered, the two relaxing as the pool water flowed over them, making them feel clean and relaxed.
The End
Here's a request for :icontoonrick2012: sorry if you hate it, :iconwblstudios: this guy doesn't take no for an answer.
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I wasn't planning on doing that to anyone and don't think anyone would fit. My biggest has been bigger than Australia, and for'd have to be someone relatively non-important, because they're leaving the planet. If they're not on my list of couples, they're probably okay, but I'm not doing it to Yuri or Mai from King of Fighters.
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