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Princess Peach sat on her throne, sighing.  Things had gotten less complicated for a short period of time after she reconciled with her divided Queen half, but then, another change happened.  The Mii Project had requested their help in trying to create a new Mii Fighter for the roster, however, Samus had gotten in the way in the time, donating copies of her psyche and code to the new creation, dubbed “Princess Samus,” though the beauty mark, pouty lips and heavy proportions made one think more of the Queen.  Samus was luckily able to be separated out of this, but told the Project to cease.  “The last thing we need is more combination beings running around.” She muttered.  The problem for Peach was that like with the Queen, she could also sense this creations thoughts from time to time, causing her head to get muddled.  She had decided to take up personal mental training to silence this psychic pain.  Meanwhile, Queen Peach sat next to Princess Samus on the couch, watching Mario and Luigi fight Bowser and Meta-Knight on TV.  Due to their hip widths, the couch was crammed full.
“How are you enjoying your existence, Princess Samus?” asked Queen Peach.
“It’s good.” Said Princess Samus.  “I feel real nice.”  She picked up a slice of peach cobbler and ate it.  Queen Peach smirked, leaning over and tapping Princess Samus’ opposite shoulder.  She looked over, wondering who was trying to get her attention.  Queen Peach chortled to herself.
“You truly are amusing.” She told the Princess.
“Thank you, my Queen.” Said Princess Samus.
“Pardon me, I must get some items from the kitchen.” Said Queen Peach.  She chortled to herself after she left, seeing Princess Samus sit on the couch, looking like an over blown-up, over-emotional Samus.  She knew what she was going to do wouldn’t be wise or even morally right, but she desired to just toy with this naïve person as much as possible.  She grabbed a funnel and poured herself a tall glass of water.  Then, Queen Peach sat down next to Princess Samus again.
“What is that for?” asked Princess Samus.  Queen Peach smirked.
“It is for a simple game.  I stick it in your dress’ cleavage, like so, then pour the water in.” snickered Queen Peach.  Princess Samus gasped as the water was cold, standing up in a reflex action.  Queen Peach hoisted the back of Princess Samus’ dress with one hand, grabbed her pink panties with the other and yanked, giving her a wedgie.
“Ooh, ow!” said Princess Samus.  Peach came in, rubbing her temples.
“Enough of this, stop it!” she said.  “Queen, what did you do, I felt distress from Princess Samus and schadenfreude from you!”
“I simply did pranks, Princess Peach.” Said Queen Peach.  “Princess Samus is so naïve, she’d let you stick a hose down her throat.”
“Well, I’m in charge!” shouted Peach.  “And you shouldn’t prank Princess Samus, she’s like your little sister!”
“How are you going to manage this family?” asked Queen Peach.  “You are but a Princess.”
“You don’t do anything to her you wouldn’t do to me.” Said Peach, scowling.  Queen Peach sighed.
“”Very well.” She said.  “This is why I preferred it when we were not separated.”
“You okay, Princess Samus?” asked Peach.
“I guess, it just feels dumb that all this happened.” She said.
“Well, to be honest, I probably would’ve done it if I wasn’t attached to you mentally, either.” Said Princess Peach.  “But I am, and until I’m not, I’m in charge of the three…Peach variations here.”
“And I’m one of them?” asked Princess Samus.
“They asked me to create you, Samus just got in there a little.” Smiled Peach.  The two hugged.
The End
Princess, Queen and Princess
A story with Princess Peach, Queen Peach and Princess Samus.  Two character concepts come from :iconunknownrez: and the plot comes from
Hey, just informing my watchers that artist :iconkaich3: is having a commission sale and is also trying desperately to sell off the adoptables here: Elemental Armor Adopt Set [OPEN] EXTENDED AGAIN by KaiCH3 I have bid for the water one, which I intend to use in stories as a special upgrade to characters and don't really have the money for a bidding war, but the others are fair game and this guy is very talented, you will not regret spending money on him.  I'd do it myself but money is a little tight at the moment.

If you wish to help me with funds, here are the rules for commissions:
Base price is $5, it will increase if you think the story is worth more than that
No killing off a character
I'd prefer to know the character somewhat
Samus loves Zelda, Mario loves Peach and Chie loves Yukiko.
I've had enough of extreme (building-universe sized) people
OCs are welcome, Mary Sues aren't.


Not telling
United States
A video game and music enthusiast who loves Godzilla, baseball, comics, music and paying for commissions. I worship Jesus Christ.

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