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GoGo Tomago entered the Smash Coliseum, toweling off after her match.  As one of the Mii Brawlers, she was capable of battling with intense skill and fierceness.  Her match had been against Toon Link, whom she had defeated by releasing Lyn from an Assist Trophy.  GoGo soon heard footsteps and saw her friend Honey come up, holding a blue cube and a yellow cube in her hand.  “Hey, Honey, what’s up, you rarely come out here.” Said GoGo, putting the towel in the hamper.
“I’ve been thinking about you specifically with this latest invention, GoGo, and I had to show you!” smiled Honey.  She held out the cube.
“You invented Starbursts.” Said GoGo, unenthused.
“No, it’s gum, silly!” said Honey.  “It’s blueberry and lemon-flavored gum, one for you and one for me.”
“The other fighters said gum around here tends to not be as safe as back home.” Said GoGo.
“That’s because I didn’t invent it.” Said Honey.  GoGo grabbed the blue piece and put it in her mouth.
“Mmmm!  Sweet, tastes very good.” She said.  “You say this is blueberry?”
“Yep.” Said Honey.  She placed her own piece on her tongue.  “Heheh, I got the Lemon piece, like my name.”  GoGo rolled her eyes.  “What, that was cute!” argued Honey.
“It sounded like something an elementary school student would say.” Said GoGo, unaware her skin was beginning to darken.
“You always got to be soooo serious.” Grumbled Honey.  “If it wasn’t for your supersuit, you’d always dress in black.”  At the same time, her skin lightened, turning a shade of yellow.
“Hey, I think you should see the doctor, you look kind of yellow, not like a light-tan, I mean, sick-yellow color.” Said GoGo.
“Now that you mention it, you look kind of blue.” Said Honey.
“I’m concerned, but I’m not sad.” Said GoGo.  Honey held up a mirror, revealing that GoGo’s light-tan skin was rapidly turning sapphire.  “What on Earth?”
“Look, it’s no big deal, changing skin color may just mean we’re a little under the weather or something.” Said Honey.  “Still, we should go to Dr. Mario.”
“I’m all for that.” Said GoGo.  She then belched loudly and felt her jeans tighten, finding her center of balance and gravity shift.  “Aw, come on, what’s wrong now?!” she grumbled.  Honey Lemon looked, seeing GoGo’s hips were widening cartoonishly, her already noticeably big posterior now looking like a cushion crammed into her pants.  She giggled at the sight.
“You’ve got a butt that would fit on a blue horse!” laughed Honey, not seeing her belly swell past full-term pregnancy size, followed by her own butt doing the same.
“Looks like the pot’s calling the kettle black.” Said GoGo.  Honey looked down and grew mortified by the swelling.
“Mobility might soon become a problem, GoGo.” Gulped Honey.  She moved her belly.  “Oh, no, as I suspected, it’s my fault.  It’s juice!”
“Your gum…?!” asked GoGo.  “HOW?!”
“Don’t ask me, every test animal chewed this just fine, even gave a grape piece to Hiro, then an orange piece when he was done with that!  Everything was fine!” said Honey.  She could feel her thighs thickening, followed by her calves as the swelling reached her upper torso, making her spherical with limbs.  Her arms filled with the liquid, getting harder to move as the same happened to GoGo.  Their lips even plumped as the balls of their torsos began absorbing their limbs, making them spherical.
“I swear I’ve seen this in a movie.” Said GoGo.
“Now’s not the time for comedy, we need to fix this!” said Honey.  Fortunately for the two Princess Peach and Mario entered at that point, readying for their tag-team match.
“Honey, did you get ahold of Dr. Mario’s formula?” asked Peach.
“No, I did this to myself.” She sighed.
“You and I know what to do, Mario.” Said Peach to the Plumber.  He nodded and the two squeezed the lemon juice (maybe you could call it unsweetened lemonade) out of Honey Lemon.  They then did the same to GoGo Tomago’s blueberry juice.
“First Mii Fighter inflation.” Said Mario.
“Unlucky me.” Said GoGo.
“Well, it does mean that things could definitely get a lot more interesting here.” Said Peach.  She looked at the Mii Fighter roster, thinking of all the women who could inflate, gain weight or otherwise expand, now that it seemed the floodgates had been opened.
The End
Big Berries 2
Partially a request from :icontoonrick2012: But I also decided to use this to make my first proper Mii Fighter expansion story.  I am actually proud of this since it was a barrier I had quite some difficulty with crossing.
I've decided to close commissions because only one person was taking them.  While his story arc will be finished, it will be done free of charge.  This isn't due to a change in my financial status, actually, I'm going to be broke until July, but nobody cares so why keep waving the cardboard sign on the side of the road?  Heck, go ahead and send your blueberry and other ridiculous fill-in-the-blank with characters I barely know requests, but I can't guarantee any of them will actually be done.  I honestly have been considering quitting off and on for the last month, maybe this will re-energize me until I actually get a job, because right now it's obvious that very few people on this website care, and it's their compassion that is pretty much the only thing keeping me here.


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A video game and music enthusiast who loves Godzilla, baseball, comics, music and paying for commissions. I worship Jesus Christ.

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