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Joan Reese awoke one morning, getting ready for work as per the norm.  She stuck her gun and nightstick in their holsters and headed to the patrol car, opening the door to see Stephanie covered in white makeup and a red and black tank top with matching shorts, black eyeliner and dyed red and black hair with ruby red lips.  “It’s Halloween, isn’t it?” sighed Joan with disgust.
“Come on, Joan, the chief says it’s okay to dress up.” Smiled Stephanie.
“You’re that villainess from Batman, it just feels silly!” said Joan.
“She’s funny.” Said Stephanie.  “And her name’s Harley Quinn, puddin’.”  She handed Joan a large light blue T-shirt with a bottle of brown hair dye.  “Come on, you can dress up, too!” she smiled.  Joan looked at the T-shirt.
“Camp Rolling Hills?” she asked.
“You’d be my favorite slasher movie villain.” Smiled Stephanie.  “She tries to be moral and delivers a lot of one-liners.”
“I’d rather not.” Said Joan.  “I’d feel weird.  Besides, I don’t even know what movie you’re talking about.”
“Don’t tell me you’re selective in films, too!” said Stephanie.
“I don’t like slasher movies, we spend a lot of time trying to put people like that away, why watch an hour twenty to two plus hours of that guy doing crime?” asked Joan.
“Actually a good point, but we haven’t seen homicides for a while.” Said Stephanie.  “Just come on in, we’ll be late otherwise.”  She started up “Pink Cadillac” by Bruce Springsteen, arriving at the station quickly.  Judy was there today, dressed in a custom yoga outfit.
“Hi, Joan, nice costume, Stephanie.” She smiled.
“Thanks, Judy.” Said Stephanie.  “Boss say anything for us?”
“Actually, that’s why I’m here.” Said Judy.  “Since it’s easier for transmogrification to go unnoticed this night, he’s expecting Melissa to do something.”
“Bad enough with the vandals in the cemetery, now Melissa’s got a plan for tonight?” sighed Joan.  “I can’t wait for tomorrow.”
“What were the orders?” asked Stephanie.
“Go on patrol and look for someone passed out and part-animal.” Said Judy.
“It’d be best to go to the nearby martial arts place.” Said Joan.
“And you should probably go in costume, we don’t want to scare the public.” Added Judy.  Joan went to the car, got the shirt and the dye and went to the ladies’ room.  She came back with them on.
“Oh, Pamela Springsteen’s Angela Baker, not as cool as Jason, but more entertaining than Carrie.” Said Judy.
“I don’t even…” began Joan, “Sure, yeah, Stephanie picked it out.”  The trio went to the parking lot and went into a purple truck with a Viking airbrushed on the side, kept for undercover work involving three people.  It pulled in to the martial arts parking lot, where the young adults practiced hard on their craft.  Hours passed as nothing of importance happened.  The evening class arrived and suddenly, an APC tore in, Melissa standing atop it with a rocket launcher.  She leapt through the window and stabbed a young female student with a syringe as she signed in.  Instantly, gray fur grew over the woman as she grew fangs and claws, her nose turning lupine as a long bushy tail emerged from her backside.  Stephanie grabbed a hammer and smacked Melissa with it while Joan got out with Judy.  “Not even going to have them fight, just going to transform them?” asked Joan.
“I have eight already in my carrier, I’ll be getting eight more here, that will decide rank.” Said Melissa.  She fired at Joan, who dodged, only for Melissa to charge.  Melissa punched Joan, who put on strength-amplifying gloves, punching Melissa.  “Nice, that actually hurt.” Smiled Melissa.  She punched at Joan, who stuck her thumb in her mouth and blew, inflating her body like an airbag.  Stephanie whirled the hammer, smacking Melissa again as Joan exhaled.
“I’ve trained in a rigorous tournament, Melissa, I’m ready for your craziness.” Said Joan.  She pulled out a pistol and fired, the bullet exploding on Melissa.  Melissa growled and ran forth, leaping at Joan.  Joan rolled out of the way, letting Melissa smack on the ground, falling unconscious.  Stephanie smacked the APC door open, letting out eight women, who were part tiger, part leopard, part donkey, part elephant, part lioness, part fox, part raccoon and part hippo, looking like anthropomorphs.
“Thank you for that.” Smiled the part-leopard.  “Is it permanent?”
“We’ve managed a cure before.” Said Stephanie.  “But you have nice costumes for the night.”
“Yeah, there’s a good party at a club downtown.” Said the raccoon girl.  The others smiled and left, Stephanie happy.  She turned to Joan as Joan got the inhibitor cuffs.
“Finally, we’ve got you.” She said, cuffing Melissa.  “Steph, I might like today after all, spending it with you, rescuing citizens, finally arresting Melissa…this has turned out all right.”
“Glad to hear it.” Smiled Stephanie.  Melissa’s eyes opened.  She strained, then ripped apart the cuffs.
“Not bad, officers, not bad.” She growled.  “From now on I only have two targets, you!”  She ripped off the cuffs and got in the APC, driving it away.
“Almost.” Sighed Joan.
“Don’t worry about it, we’ll get her soon.” Smiled Stephanie.  “Let’s join the rescues at that club, we’ve earned it.”  Joan paused, then looked down and looked around.
“Yeah, we’ve earned it.” She smiled.
The End
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