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Carnival Night
2B and 9S approached the carnival again, seeing machines dressed as jesters throw confetti beyond the ruined turnstiles.  “Be focused on the mission, stopping that…monstrosity.” Ordered 2B as she waddled through the opening, taking up half of it.  The two androids went through the amusement park as they had before, 2B now in the body of a 500-some pound woman.  As they went through the corridors, 2B felt a little claustrophobic due to how much larger she was.  2B reached the rocket ride.  “I’ll need the pod to help me jump through this.” She muttered.
“I can help.” Said 9S.  He hefted her, the pod carrying her from car to car.  2B wiped her brow as she finished, continuing towards the area of the Carnival Queen.  Entering the stage, the two saw 2B’s old body hanging from the gown of the machine, its face grotesquely removed.
“Can’t make this easy, can you?” grumbled 2B, prepa
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Gift: Anthropomorph Gaming Wrestlers
AJ Brooks, better known as AJ Lee, was in New Orleans at a book signing while her old employers housed an event at the Superdome.  Nearing her Barnes and Noble booth were two students of her way of being the strong, kick-butt woman who enjoyed gaming, comics and some anime more than being a girly-girl, Sasha Banks and Bayley.  They both held copies of “Crazy is My Superpower,” eager to get it signed.  AJ smiled softly as the two approached, Bayley having a big grin on her face.  “Nice to see my women’s legacy is in good hands.” Said AJ as she signed.
“Would you like to play Mortal Kombat X?” asked Bayley.
“You sure your boss won’t get mad?” replied AJ.
“We really want to challenge you.” Said Bayley.
“I’m better at it than she is.” Said Sasha.
“Well, I doubt either of you could beat me as Kitana.” Chuckled AJ.
“Is that a challenge?” asked Sasha.
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 3 0
Reborn into Fatness
“2B!  Oh my gosh, wake up, wake up!”
The android, recently dismembered by the Carnival Queen, was reawakening in the safety of space, hearing 9S’ panicked voice.  It was sweet to be reminded he cared, even though he, too, was an android, and as such, feelings were unnecessary.  2B’s eyes opened, her system booting up, but something felt…off.  She felt…bigger, fuller and wider and took off her blindfold to check.  Her jaw dropped.  She had large, chubby cheeks, a soft double-chin, large, plush breasts and an enormous fat belly.  Out of view was her enormous rear end, five times wider than it had been and sticking out about three feet.  Her gothic dress still draped her flabby form, but easily exposed her entire fanny now in the back.  She got up, slowly to get used to additional bulk, and finally found her voice as she put back on her blindfold.  “9S, what…what is all this?  What happe
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Pulse: One Year Later
Every time I think about this day, I get mad.  I get absolutely furious.  How could our society allow 49 of its own people to die and refuse to change?!  This was a disaster, the biggest hate crime in history, and we not only shrugged in indifference, we actively partook in steps make sure it would happen again.  The so-called “religious,” who had allowed someone to take part in a bar shooting in the 90s, offered no comfort, but threw Jesus from the Church and bowed down before Donald Trump, who has the unchecked power to turn this country into a dictatorship in 17 months, while the Republicans applaud wildly.  Republicans don’t believe in Democracy or a Republic, they want a hardcore theocracy based around their ideals of God, a God with two verses, Leviticus 20:13 and John 3:16.  They want this to happen again with Tiananmen Square tanks and riot police destroying these clubs, slaughtering the innocent.
I was at Church when I heard the
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Samus, Zelda and RWBY vs. Fire Emblem
It was a lovely, sunny morning at Hyrule Castle.  Samus awoke softly, looking over at Zelda, who was still sleeping.  The two were still over a quarter-ton each and currently nude due to spending the previous evening intimately.  Samus kissed her wife on her soft lips, laying her hand quietly on her soft rear.  Zelda smiled and blinked awake.  “Always nice to wake up to your face.” She whispered.
“I thought this would be more disturbing when it happened.” Said Samus, getting her red, lacy undergarments on before putting on her Zero Suit.  “But the soft, fluffy cuddling somehow makes it…nicer, like you’re my lover, my best friend and my stuffed animal.”
“Speaking of stuffing, let’s get some pancakes made.” Said Zelda, putting on her blue vest, brown, tight belt and black tight pants.  The two descended the stairs, mixing the batter and pouring it to make perfectly proportioned circles. &
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 4 0
Mature content
The Fight of our Lives :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 0 0
Officer Fat Gamer
D.Va sat in Overwatch HQ, dressed in her Police Officer outfit.  Tracer waddled by, still over 500 pounds thanks to Widowmaker’s attack, but not bothered by it.  “Hana, that’s a cute look for you.” Smiled the obese warrior.
“Thanks, I was at a costume shop yesterday and it was just SO CUTE, I just had to add some custom accessories.” Replied D.Va.  
“Could you send a selfie of me and you to Emily?  I think she’d like this look, too.” Offered Tracer.
“I don’t see why not.” Smiled D.Va.  The two put their faces together, smiling with D.Va flashing a peace sign as she pressed the button.  She then sent it to Emily’s phone after adding the text Tracer suggested, “Hanging @ work w/ Officer D.Va, have a good day!  Lovemuffin.”  Tracer waddled off, Widowmaker watching from another doorway.
“Stupid Overwatch team, practically holding me hostage…” s
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Stephanie's birthday
Joan stood in her apartment, getting her living room table ready.  The chocolate cake with blue icing was placed in the middle of the table.  Lucy and Suzanne entered, having just come from some RPG-playing at the hospital.
“Hope Stephanie likes our presents.” Said Lucy.
“Stephanie can be picky, but she’s kind of a big kid, so just get her fun stuff and she’ll be happy.” Replied Joan.
“That cake looks good…” smiled Suzanne.
“Not until Stephanie arrives, which should be in…30 minutes.” Ordered Joan, looking at her watch.  The doorbell rang and Joan went to get it, opening to let Mist and Gale in.  “So you guys didn’t need extreme power since last I saw Mist?” asked Joan.
“Nah, there hasn’t been a supervillain.  There was an attempt at vandalism over on Garden Street, but we stopped them without powering up.” Replied Gale.
“Kind of embarrassed you saw
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 5 0
Birthday Gift: Looking for Cake Brawl
Marissa was walking serenely through the Seaside City, a change from her usual woodlands and mountains, but not unwelcome.  She looked around, hoping to find a bakery, Breaker was in town at a Martial Arts tournament and it was also her birthday, so Marissa was hoping to get her best friend a cake.  She entered a lovely, simple-looking bakery with large muffins in the windows.  Inside, Marissa saw two familiar faces looking at a large Bundt cake.  “It would look good with white icing.” Said the one in a blue martial arts gi.
“I’ve been her partner for years, she really likes Chocolate.” Replied the ponytailed blonde.
“Hey, are you Joan and Mist?” asked Marissa.
“Aw, Marissa, haven’t seen you in ages!” replied Joan, turning around.  Mist smiled broadly.
“How’s it been going?” asked Marissa.
“I found out I was an Empress in a past life, I could show you…but I’m a littl
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 3 1
OMG, guess what I heard? by gvsgdude89 OMG, guess what I heard? :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 2 0 Rise, Ann and Yukiko by gvsgdude89 Rise, Ann and Yukiko :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 1 0 Rise and Ann by gvsgdude89 Rise and Ann :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 1 0 Ann Takamaki Mii Fighter by gvsgdude89 Ann Takamaki Mii Fighter :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 1 0
A different kind of D.Va bunny
Hana Song, better known as D.Va, the gamer/mech pilot of Overwatch, was in the locker room, seeing Sombra quietly enter with a gown in plastic.  “Hey, it’s the hacker!” she said.  “Frag any programs lately?”
“We’ll see, Niña.” Sombra replied.  “I got you this dress; it’s in your shade of blue and has everything just right.”  She handed over the gown, it seemed a foot taller than D.Va and considerably bigger in the bust and hips.  She got it out to see it was a Jessica Rabbit-style lounge gown with matching gloves and high heels, complete with a MEKA logo and a heart on the rear.
“Wow, Sombra…looks…neat.” Said D.Va, not sure how to process this.
“Consider it special, chica.” Smiled Sombra, leaving.  D.Va took off her bodysuit and tried on the gown, it not fitting at all, the gloves even seeming too big.  The high heels made her feel like when she
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 5 0
Link's Large Love
Link strolled through Hyrule Castle town, carrying a large slab of meat on his back, a side of beef from the local butcher.  He brought it to his house, opening the door, seeing his white-haired wife of some 500 pounds with a black scarf covering her eyes practicing her swordplay, her massive stomach and butt jiggling as she wore a black bikini top and lacy panties.  “Ivy, I’m home.” Stated Link.  Ivy took off the scarf, letting her hair fall over one eye.
“Welcome home, bold hero.” She said, kissing him.
“Just as you requested, a side of beef for you and a steak for me.” Replied Link, starting a massive oven.  Ivy sat on the sofa, rubbing her kettle drum-like belly.
“You treat me so well, Link.” She smiled.
“You ask for it, and I just can’t say no.” replied Link.  He sat next to Ivy, her girth making her look like a flabby, female Santa Claus next to the descendant of the Hero of Time.
:icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 10 0
Erza Scarlet plush by gvsgdude89 Erza Scarlet plush :icongvsgdude89:gvsgdude89 7 0


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Comm-Huge Harley :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 440 53
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Gift: Rita's Delivery Service :iconelek-tronikz:elek-tronikz 141 15
The weight of the wo[R]ld Part 3 by Bamboo-Ale
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The weight of the wo[R]ld Part 3 :iconbamboo-ale:Bamboo-Ale 631 45
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The Gluttony Punishment :iconbeltpop:beltpop 532 19
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